Vicente Wolf Voice Of Color Collection Flip Book is HERE!

Now available: The Color Diaries Collection color card as an online flip book for easy viewing!





The Bold Summit…Are You Ready?

Are you ready…I AM! Register now and join me at the Bold Summit in Las Vegas. Formally known as the Business of Design conference, the Bold Summit is the only event that provides the specific strategies and contacts that luxury designers need. Emerge inspired and extremely clear on what to do to blast through the unique challenges you face right now as a luxury designer!

Also, join me for a one-on-one breakfast Friday, August 29th at the PPG booth as I discuss my new color collection with Pittsburgh Paints.




Step into my New York City loft and explore the world of design with me!


A Modern Moment in Design with

It was great speaking with Editor, Eden Univer at about Modern Moments in Design.  Check out the full article at



Famed interior designer Vicente Wolf on his top tips for curating a contemporary, avant-garde home


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